Digital Forensics


Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science, and its investigations have a variety of applications.

It's mainly used to solve criminal cases, or to protect the rights and properties of individuals and companies in civil cases.

Digital Forensics use cases

It is essential to keep in mind that digital forensics is a science,
and that digital activities can be identified, examined, tested, repeated, and peer reviewed according to the classic scientific method.

Digital Forensics allows, among other scopes:

+ deleted data recovery or lost data recovery from working or damaged digital mass memories;

+ analysis of vulnerabilities and data-leaks due to hidden threats like malicious software (malware) or malicious user intervention on mobile devices, workstations, servers, network end-points and cloud infrastructures;

+ ESI (electronic stored information) acquisition and preservation of networking communication data and local / remote data from various types of digital devices, with international compliance standard certification to be used for detectives, security agencies, and private investigators in civil or legal actions;

+ data analysis useful to spot hard to find relevant information hidden via stenograpy inside documents apparently containing other content, or audio / video / pictures manipulation often used to mislead reality, etc...;

encryption breaking to discover original content from encrypted data or to unveil relevant information hidden via stenography spotted with data analysis.

A scientific approach to a data-centric world

Thanks to Digital Forensics it is possible to connect cyber investigations on communications and digitally-stored information to physical evidence of any activities, and may aid in the prevention of future cyber crimes by uncovering premeditated criminal intents.

Tracking online activities has become crucial for protecting private organizations, as well as preserving online operations in public safety, national security, government and law enforcement, to prevent and combat cyber crime.

The field of computer forensics investigation is growing, especially as law enforcement and legal entities realize just how valuable information technology professionals (widely known as IT professionals) are when it comes to investigative procedures.

Furthermore, during the past decade also private people have asked for digital forensic services. Possibly thanks to the wide fictional diffusion of this field in a lot of movies and series, so many private customers are asking every day to recover lost data because of accidental deletion or broken devices.

Digital Forensics for everyone at Loowee

Thanks to our Cybercrime & Digital Forensics Unit,
an eterogenic team of experts in various fields, and to their experience and know-how, we set ourselves as a reference partner in the Digital Forensics IT market.

Our Services for Digital Forensics are crucial to help companies for the management of data assets, the analysis of infrastructure digital network, and the identification of digital traces to determine the author(s), the methods and the times in which digital actions were perpetrated (useful in legal actions).

here at Loowee our efforts can be useful for privates too,
mostly for data recovery due to accidental deletion, damaged devices, forgotten password, etc...

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