Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality


There are unlimited scenarios for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in today industry.

Maybe the most famous uses are in the gaming and real estate industry,
but actually even more solutions behind the scenes
make use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Marketing, e-Commerce, Product Prototyping, B2B and B2C sales are just some samples...

1. Two acronyms with hidden power inside

Augmented Reality, shortly AR, is the ability to insert digital objects into a camera view of the real world, based on information about the scene that is within the camera’s view. 

While videogames are the most commonly known consumer use of this kind of technology, far more sophisticated AR projects offer great promise for all kinds of applications. 


Virtual Reality, shortly VR, is based on the diametrically opposite concept:
it immerses real people inside a fictional digital, or virtual, space.
Many games now use VR to make the experience even more realistic than someone has playing the game on a computer, TV screen or tablet.

Just as with AR, there are many potential applications of VR that go well beyond games.


Why will AR and VR be important for businesses of all kinds?

Well, for every company, building engagement with customers is a key element of their ability to develop long-lasting and lucrative relationships.

2. Augmented Reality, for real

AR is a powerful tool to help building even more engagement with customers. From early sales and marketing encounters with customers, through those customers' purchase and use of the products and into the realm of customer service and support, AR is becoming more and more useful.

For the average consumer an interesting and useful AR application could be a software that shows how furniture will look in a customer’s home. Prospective buyers can use a phone or tablet’s camera to see how their homes will look with a variety of different furniture pieces before they make a purchase decision.

For industrial facilities, manufacturing managers can see how a new piece of equipment might fit into their workflow: The new assembly or manufacturing process can also be visualized through the camera of a phone or tablet while the manager walks through the existing plant.

AR, then, will result in a better understanding of how these products and solutions will benefit the manufacturing facility and increase companies' propensity to buy. They'll be able to see troubleshooting and maintenance instructions overlaid directly onto a physical product as they are working on it, resulting in shorter downtimes, improved productivity and deeper brand loyalty.

3. Virtual Reality, for real


VR applications, meanwhile, enable customers to immerse themselves in a digital space - such as a hospital, laboratory, oil refinery or a cockpit of an airplane - illustrating how complex products and solutions work and helping them understand how they would navigate and use these new products.

For existing customers that are mainly great enterprises, VR simulators will help train personnel before they operate real machinery - the way expensive flight simulators are used for pilots - but without the expense of complex physical systems in the real world.

Consumers and B2B buyers, for their part, are developing an awareness of, and even an expectation for, these kinds of experiences when they interact with almost every company:
today's VR headsetsare rapidly evolving, using wireless and even mobile devices at affordable costs.

This evolution to the mainstream will allow businesses to build AR and VR features into larger and more holistic applications, creating a complete set of capabilities for even more meaningful customer experiences.

The future for this technology remains wide open. We believe every company should be including AR and/or VR applications in its customer engagement lifecycle - from the stages of early customer awareness, marketing and sales to installation, deployment, service, and support. 

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